Silver Color Coffee Cups Tulip Design Six Pieces

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Silver Color Coffee Cups Tulip Design Six Pieces

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Product Description

Behold the wonderful and mesmerizing beauty of these silver-toned cups. The sheer colors of burnished silver and a stunning tulip design makes every cup an artistic masterpiece. Add a sprinkle of artistic flair to your tableware with these beautiful and unique pieces. These elegant and luxurious pieces will captivate every guest at your next event. Be inspired to enhance your style and give your dinner table the perfect finishing touch.

Hypnotizing Silver Accent
Turkish manufacturing brings together these oriental teacups. Boasting a spectacular silver design and with the added benefit of included silver saucers, this luxury coffee cup set is extremely appealing and captivating to the eyes.

Stylish Cup Heads
Every cup has its own cap which helps keep the warmth of the coffee intact. When these caps are removed, they reveal white ceramic cups that can be removed from the embossed and decorated housing for washing purposes. This feature shows off the versatile culture and tradition of Turkey.

Distinct Elegance
The accompanying saucers are nothing short of grandeur! Embossed with beautiful creativity, their glamour takes you back to the old and glorious days of the Ottoman Empire!

Ornamental Chic
Made from Porcelain, this coffee cup set is ideal for coffee. It is also an extraordinary gift for the people you love and care for!
Sip phenomenal Turkish-culture instilled coffee today! Buy Now!

Product Details

Height: Coffee Cups: 3.94in

Diameter: Coffee Cups: 3.15in

Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain

Color: Silver

Set Includes: 6x Coffee Cups 6x Saucers

Cup holds 2.37oz . Ideal for Turkish Coffee

Ceramic Cups are removable from the holders and machine-washable.


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