Golden Mırra Turkish Coffe Cups Set With Serving Tray

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Golden Mırra Turkish Coffe Cups Set With Serving Tray

$128.00 $179.20 $51.20

Product Description

When you need something delicious to drink while you're reading or working out, there's no need to head to the coffee shop. Instead, enjoy the simple pleasures of a coffee cup in the comfort of your own home. These beautiful Turkish coffee cups are made with a durable porcelain finish and are available in a set of 6. The set includes a beautiful serving tray. They make a thoughtful and easy-to-use gift for any occasion.

Product Details

Height: Each Coffee Cup:3.94in

Tray: 9.84in x 13.78in x 1.18in

Color: Golden

Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 3.94in
Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain
Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups ,1 Tray



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