Ahsen Gold Color Turkish Tea Cups And Saucers Set Tulip Design

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Ahsen Gold Color Turkish Tea Cups And Saucers Set Tulip Design

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Product Description

What's better than enjoying your favorite tea in style? Your tea tastes better when the cups are beautiful and comfortable. Fitting perfectly in your hand, these unique cups and saucers will have you reaching for a fresh cup again and again. The gold-stamped design adds a touch of the luxurious to your everyday drinking. The durable glass construction ensures you enjoy your tea without worrying about breakage. Stylish and comfortable, these tea cups are sure to become a favorite of yours.

Captivating Gold Accent
Gold. The element that is both attractive and expensive. When we incorporated it into our tea set, we were trying to bring a luxurious product into the market. These cups look and feel premium in the hands!

Stylish Coasters
The coaster is as important to a cup as oxygen is to Man. The coasters of this luxurious set are just as elegant and stylishly captivating as the cups themselves.

Distinct Elegance
Gold holds an elegance that’s unmatched by any other material. That elegance mixed with Turkish expertise creates an entirely different league of products that host this luxurious teacup set!

Delicately Crafted
Made from Glass, this luxury teacup set is eye-catching and attractive. The hard work that went into their production is self-evident!
Drink prodigious Turkish-culture instilled tea today! Buy Now!

Product Details

Height: Each Tea Glass Cups: 3.54in

Glasses Hold 3.72oz . 

Diameter: Each Tea Glass Cups: 6 Each Coaster: 3.94in

Material: Zinc Casting / Glass

Set Includes: 6 Tea Glass Cups, 6 Coasters

Made In Turkey

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