Ahsen Gold Color Sugar Bowl With Spoon

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Ahsen Gold Color Sugar Bowl With Spoon

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Product Description

A sugar bowl crafted to perfection, this luxurious sugar bowl is a must-have for every home. It's crafted using the most premium and durable materials. It's a graceful gift that can be used for a variety of occasions. It looks beautiful on any table as it makes every meal special.

Grace your dinner table with this artisanal sugar bowl crafted to perfection using the most incredible premium and durable materials that define an aura of grace, distinctive preferences, and elegance with their mere presence.

This sugar bowl carries an opulence of its own that can completely transform the ambiance of any table setting. Make your cup of tea, kava, or coffee more pleasant and enjoyable with the distinctive beauty of this perfectly crafted sugar bowl that is not just a piece of ceramic ware – it is an artistic statement that projects your sense of style, luxury, and grace in the most magnificent manner.

The sugar bowl is sure to leave your guests and visitors stunned and in appreciation of its delicate finesse and the care with which it has been made. Carrying the traditional motifs of the East, this gold-adorned sugar bowl is nothing short of a ceramic masterpiece fir for your table.

The sugar bowl comes with its own dainty spoon that is adequate for serving crushed sugar, letting you and your guests truly enjoy the experience that you have worked hard to create with delicacy and perfection.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium and durable construction
  • Sublime grace and elegance
  • Metal and ceramic fusion
  • Gold adorned motif
  • Eastern traditional design
  • Regal ambiance
  • Artisanal handiwork


Gold Adorned Rim

The sugar bowl features an ornate gold motif that brings attention to the exquisite detail of the intricate carvings supported by the Zinc casting.

Each curve and spiral is created with the most incredible attention to detail, lending a unique appeal to the ceramic piece that matches the lavishness of its surroundings that a person of such distinct taste as yours has no doubt created in their home and office.

Durable Premium Creation

The sugar bowl is crafted with premium, high-quality, and durable materials that can challenge the effects of time and ensure that the sugar bowl can grace your table as long as you see fit.

The Zinc casting provides an exquisite sparkle to the piece that complements the ceramic component's sublime white façade.

Together, the choice of materials provides a magnificent combination of glamour and simplicity that beautifully defines a way of life committed to enjoying the finer things in life.

Graceful Appeal

The graceful construction of the piece highlights the attention paid by the artisans to its perfection. Each contour of the sugar bowl is accentuated to create a singular piece of ceramic and metal construction that completely redefines the way people look at the humble sugar bowl.

Adding a sense of sweetness to life and your tea will become more comfortable than ever when you can rest your eyes on the delicate and sublime grace of this premium sugar bowl.

Product Details

Height: 7.09in

Diameter: 5.91in

Material: Zinc & Ceramic

Spoon Included

Only Handwash

Made In Turkey

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