Ala Noor Arabic Calligraphy Gold Color Coffee Set

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Ala Noor Arabic Calligraphy Gold Color Coffee Set

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Unique Engravings

Every stroke of the imprinted characters will excite your senses and convert your table into a piece of beauty every time you serve tea. Your guests will have a hard time shaking off the shock and astonishment that this tea set will undoubtedly cause each and every time!

A Distinctive and Practical Look

The set has a delicate and polished look thanks to the thin glass cups and saucers. The thin form of the cups and saucers, along with the glass structure and glossy calligraphic motifs, emphasizes your sumptuous sensitivity and distinct aesthetic choices.

Construction of the Highest Caliber

Each cup and saucer is painstakingly handcrafted using traditional methods and polished to a high gloss that gleams in the light. The grandeur and longevity of the glass and gold motifs ensure that this tea set will grace your table for as long as you want it to.

Product Details:

Height: Each Coffee Cup:3.94in ,
Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 2.36in , Each Coaster:4.33in ,
Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain
Color: Gold
Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups, 6 Coasters,
Made In Turkey

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