Arabic Calligraphy Turquoisse Color Glass Mug Set

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Arabic Calligraphy Turquoisse Color Glass Mug Set

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Product Description

A stunning display of colors with an intricate Arabic calligraphy pattern, these coffee mugs are sure to be a favorite for any tea or coffee lover. They are hand-painted, so each piece is unique. The traditional turquoise color is a traditional choice for Middle Eastern culture and is easy to match to any theme or décor. These elegant cups or mugs are made of glass, so they are both durable and elegant. The artisans at this Turkish company have been making exquisite pieces for years. These gorgeous mugs have a great capacity for coffee or tea and are sure to become a favorite in any home.

Product Details

Height: Coffee Cups: 2.76in

Diameter: Coffee Cups: 3.54in

Material: Glass 

Set Includes: 6x Coffee Glasses  6x Saucers


%100 Hand Painted
Please wash them by hand
Made In Turkey

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