Black Saucers Model Bohemia Crystal Medium Size Coffee Set

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Black Saucers Model Bohemia Crystal Medium Size Coffee Set

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Elegant Cup Heads.

Each cup features a top that helps maintain the coffee's warmth. When these caps are removed, white ceramic cups are revealed that may be easily removed from the embossed and decorative housing for cleaning. This feature demonstrates Turkey's diverse culture and customs.

Unique Appeal

Unique Appeal Embossed with exquisite design, its glitz transports you back to the Ottoman Empire's glory days!

The Perfect Present

This porcelain coffee cup set is great for hot beverages. It also makes an excellent gift for those you love and care about!

Product Details:

Height: Each Coffee Cup: 2.56in

Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 2.76in Each Coaster: 4.72in

Capacity: 4.06oz .

Material: Porcelain

Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups 6 Coasters

Tray Is Not Included.

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