Ellipse Silver Plated Decorative Ottoman Serving Tray

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Ellipse Silver Plated Decorative Ottoman Serving Tray

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Majestic Design
Boasting a design that’s built to remain relevant until the end of times, this timeless serving tray is like an ornament out of a Sultan’s kitchen. Its 8.27in width and spectacular 13.98in length is built to serve.

Silver Plated
Made from anti-darkening material, this serving tray is plated with silver. Every part of the tray is etched to perfection. With symmetry kept in focus, the etchings are in harmony with one another.

Delicate Patterns
Turkish people are known to be avid admirers of magnificent art styles. Having adopted this heritage, and featuring decorative etchings, this Turkish Serving Tray boasts unmatched quality and skins spectacular patterns. You will find a new meaning to its art every day!

Feel the Unmatched Royalty
Serve your guests with style! Use this tray to dress up any tabletop as its beauty is unmatched and it has the capacity to hold more than six teacups.

Order today and start planning your party immediately!

Product Details


Width: 8.27in

Material: Zinc Casting

Color: Silver

Made In Turkey

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