Evla Ethnic Arabic Coffee-Mirra Cups Six Pieces

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Evla Ethnic Arabic Coffee-Mirra Cups Six Pieces

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Unique and Outstanding
These ethnic Arabian design teacups are crafted with utmost attention to highlight their significance in the field of luxurious table ornaments. The patterns are custom-made by an artist’s hand specifically to enhance their beauty.

Stylish and Flamboyant
Arabian design is known throughout the world for its extra-ordinary and stylish approach. Bright and flamboyant colors have been used to manufacture these cups. The red-gold patterns speak about their elegance and glamour as a whole.

Exclusive Design
Decorating glass with these fine patterns and designs is our specialty. We love bringing translucency and vivid pigments together. This teacup set is sure to arouse your inner desire of luxury.

Exquisite Gold Lips
The lips of these cups are golden to the extent that they seem like real gold to naked eyes. They enhance the overall legendary of tea and coffee, whichever u decide to take.

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Product Details

Height: Coffee Cups: 3.94in

Diameter: Coffee Cups: 3.15in

Material: Glass

Set Includes: 6 x Coffee Cups

Cup holds 2.37oz . Ideal for Turkish Coffee

Please wash them by hand


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