Gold Color Ahsen Zinc Casting Tea Pot

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Gold Color Ahsen Zinc Casting Tea Pot

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The Gold Teapot adds a sophisticated elegance to any dining table! The gold teapot is perfect for serving tea or Turkish coffee to your friends and family.

Touch of Gold

This must-have Turkish teapot is gold all around, including the lid. The gold is bright can be easily maintained. But, there’s more to it. Every inch of the teapot is engraved, to give it a lavish and intricate appearance.


The teapot’s lid, base, and sides, are all engraved. Flowing lines and flowers cover the entire surface and gives the teapot a smooth and pleasing texture.

Serves Warm Liquids

The zinc casting allows the teapot to remain light, yet perfect for holding warm beverages. Whether you like tea or coffee, serve it by using the gold Ahsen Teapot every day.

Vamped Space

Adorned with everything gold, the teapot is a perfect addition to lavish dining spaces. The metallic teapot has a regal look that is meant to complement your traditional and lavish dining areas.

Product Description

  • Gold Color Ahsen Zinc Casting Tea Pot
  • Weight: 2.43lbs
  • Capacity: 28.74oz
  • Material: Zinc Cast
  • Made In Turkey

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