Gold Color Metal Napkin Holder

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Gold Color Metal Napkin Holder

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Product Description

This gold color metal napkin holder has a high-quality finish that will make a subtle yet elegant feature for any table. It’s suitable for a variety of settings. This stylish napkin holder will help you keep your table tidy and clean. This gold color metal napkin holder is hand-made and mindfully designed to be functional and stylish. Made in Turkey with premium quality materials, this item has a simple and elegant design.

Product Destails

Size: 5.9x3.15x1.18in
Material: Metal
Color: Gold
Listing valid for 1 piece holder. Image shows item’s two side.

Made In Turkey

*On producing process and hand-finished detailing, this product may have minor imperfections and stains.

*It cannot be completely flawless.

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