Gold Color Safa Tea Cups Set For 6 Person

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Gold Color Safa Tea Cups Set For 6 Person

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Product Description

Here is the exclusive set of 6 Turkish teacups with delicate design. It is an elegant gift for your family. Made in Turkey, this set of tea cups is a symbol of luxury and beauty, and they're also good for your health. With unique design, these elegant teacups are suitable for any occasion.

In a world of dull and ordinary teacups, this Safa Tea Cup is like a dragon. Spreading exquisite charm wherever it's placed, this Tea Cup is like none other. This luxury set of Turkish teacups is avant-garde in a world of dull and drab teacups.

Mesmerizing Design
Made in Turkey, this teacup set of 6 defines luxury. Equipped with an equally gorgeous gold-embossed coaster, every teacup is in a league of its own.

Painterly Gracefulness
This product is the fruit of years of artistic innovation. The cast and the detailing is nothing less than strokes of an artist’s brush.

Golden Embossment
Supreme devotion and careful embossment bear fruit in the shape of this teacup set. Injected with luxury and finesse, this set is manufactured to be the centerpiece of a nobleman's table.

Stunning Intricacy
Embedded with centuries-old Turkish heritage, this set of teacups is antiquity. Showered with Gold, even the tiniest of visual detailing is intentional.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best teacup set money can afford, right now!

Product Details

Height: Each Tea Glass Cups: 3.54in Glasses Hold 3.71ounce.

Diameter: Each Tea Glass Cups: 6 Each Coaster: 3.93in

Material: Zinc Casting / Glass Set

Includes: 6 Tea Glass Cups, 6 Coasters

Made In Turkey

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