Gold Colour Vintage Turkish Tea Spoons 12 Pcs

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Gold Colour Vintage Turkish Tea Spoons 12 Pcs

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Product Description

These 12 teaspoons are exquisitely designed and crafted with a great attention to detail. The intricacy of this set is only matched by its exquisite design. Each of the spoons is hand-crafted from silver to ensure that every single spoon is quality-made. The unique design incorporates the Turkish tea ceremony into the design to give a timeless elegance to the set. Beautifully crafted with the highest-quality materials, these 12 spoons will be treasured for years to come.

Exquisite Design
You know, as they say, some people are born with golden spoons in their mouths. However, there are those that earn this luxury by themselves. This 12-spoon luxury set is for the people that have reached this position in life through their own efforts!

Crafted with maximum effort, these spoons tell the story of the life of its bearer. No! we are not being poetic. The feel in the hand really does make you feel the importance of your stature in life. The effort and thought that went into their production is the same thought that goes through the mind of successful people like you!

This spoon set speaks its own tale. From the gold-toned front, and textured grip, to the intricately designed holder, everything is in harmony.

Exclusive Luxury
Enjoy the luxury of owning your own set of golden spoons. The width of each spoon is 1.18in while the length is 4.33in each. Weighing at 300g, they are easy to handle and give away wondrous vibes of luxury unheard of before!
Order your very own Turkish Gold-Toned Tea Spoon Set today! 

Product Details

Width: Each Tea Spoon : 1.18in

Length: Each Tea Spoon : 4.33in

Weight: 0.66lbs

Material: Zinc Casting

Color: Gold-Toned

Set Includes:  12 Spoons

Made In Turkey

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