Gold Color Mirror Napkin Holder

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Gold Color Mirror Napkin Holder

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Product Description

For an elegant and sophisticated addition to your dining decor, buy one of these stylish napkin holders. This gold color is a fashionable choice that is sure to fit in at any formal dining setting. The mirror finish will complement the height of any dining table. This product is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, cafes, and any other establishment where you need to provide napkins.

Complete the decorum of your dinner table with this ornate and chic napkin holder for a dignified solution to a simple requirement. Excellently paired with any existing collection, this classy product features a polished mirror base complemented with an attractive zinc metal allow frame featuring gorgeous geometric motifs across the sides. Complete with a dazzling crystal weight to cover the napkins with, this product is an imposing contemporary addition to the dinner table, as a testament to refined etiquettes and evident social grace.

A courtly addition to your collection, this golden mirror napkin holder is the perfect way to complete your collection and adds a noble aspect to your event at the completion of the meal and courses. With this fine product, your social events can now boast the completion of all polite social conventions with this extravagant and beautiful Napkin Holder.

Product Details:
Size: 7.09×7.09in  
Material: Metal Zinc Casting , Mirror
Color: Gold

Made In Turkey

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