Gold Plated Ottoman Serving Tray 35 cm

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Gold Plated Ottoman Serving Tray 35 cm

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Legendary Craft
Hailing from the royal Ottoman empire comes to a mesmerizing piece of exquisite beauty. Made by the hands of Turkish craftsmen, this serving tray is nothing less of grandeur.

Fashion Statement
Decorate your table and pantry with an artist’s handy work. This tray has been crafted with intensive care to ensure the longevity of use, all while being fabulous and eye-catching. It’s time to dine like a king!

Visual Finesse
Turkish products have always had an elite flavor crafted with utmost finesse. Speaking of Turkish delicacy, this tray fulfills every criterion. From the curvature to the focal point, every part of this tray is in harmony with each other.

Golden Embossment
Paramount attention to detailing and embossment has led to the creation of this fascinating piece of art. Flowing with Golden DNA, this tray will become a visual example of the riches that decorate your table.

Eye-catching Sophistication
The carefully crafted spiral-design has intricate details that make it a living piece of art, flowing with gold, and booming with supremacy.
So, what are you waiting for? Make it your own!


Product Details

Diameter: 13.78in

Material: Zinc Casting

Color: Gold

Made In Turkey

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