Golden Colour Turkish Coffee-Mırra Cups Six Pieces

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Golden Colour Turkish Coffee-Mırra Cups Six Pieces

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Product Description

Turkish coffee is well known for its uniqueness. It's a strong coffee with a rich, strong, robust taste. It's also known for its unique and fragrant aroma. The rich and strong taste of the coffee is enhanced by the unique way the coffee is brewed. The coffee is brewed in a coffee pot called a Mırra. This is made from earthenware and is usually decorated with motifs or scenes. The coffee is brewed in the pot called Mırra (the word is also used for coffee cups as well). It has a capacity of 2.37oz. It's a good idea to choose the size of the coffee cup you need to purchase for your coffee. The range is from 3oz to 8oz.

Product Destails

Height: Coffee Cups: 3.94in

Diameter: Coffee Cups: 3.15in

Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain

Color: Golden

Set Includes: 6 x Coffee Cups

Cup holds 2.37oz . Ideal for Turkish Coffee

Ceramic Cups are removable from the holders and machine-washable.


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