Golden Color Serving Tray For Ottoman

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Golden Color Serving Tray For Ottoman

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Enthralling Design
Boasting a spectacular and golden design that’s built for longevity, this timeless serving tray features patterns embossed into its skin, glossy look, and a soft touch. From the surface area to the vertices, every part of the design is intricately crafted by the hands of experienced Turkish craftsmen.

Ornate Floral Embellishment
What’s more attractive than a normal golden tray? An ornate tray plated with gold with floral patterns etched deeply on its surface! That’s exactly what this tray brings to the table.

Intricate Patterns
Intricacy is the specialty of Turkish craftsmen. They pay extra attention to the minor details and make a product as detailed as humanly possible. The patterns look as though they are crafted by hand!

Dazzling Luxury
Enjoy the ornaments that held exclusivity to Sultans of old!
Order your very own Ottoman-style Gold-Plated Serving Tray today!

Product Details

Width: 10.63in

Length: 14.57in

Material: Zinc Casting
Color: Gold Plated
Made In Turkey

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