Large Single Handmade Painted Copper Tea Pot

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Large Single Handmade Painted Copper Tea Pot

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Delightful Turkish Teapot

This is a beautiful hand-painted copper teapot that would look great in any kitchen. This sturdy pot is simple to clean and maintain. This copper saucepan is quite durable. It's a great present for the individuals who mean the most to you.


This exquisite work of art was created entirely by hand using genuine copper resources. The lid, base, and sides of the teapot are all inscribed. The teapot's whole surface is covered with flowing lines and flowers, giving it a smooth and pleasant touch.

Serves Hot and Cold Liquids

The zinc casting ensures that the teapot remains lightweight while yet being ideal for carrying hot liquids. Whether you like tea or coffee, serve it daily with a painted copper teapot.


Product Details:

Height: 7.87in


Weight: 2.87lbs

Pot: 101.43oz .

Material: Original Copper

Full Hand Painted
This Product is 100% Handmade
Made In Turkey

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