Handmade Thick Copper Vintage Tea Pot

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Handmade Thick Copper Vintage Tea Pot

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The lid, body, and sides of the teapot are all inscribed. The teapot's whole exterior is covered with sweeping lines and flowers, giving it a seamless and pleasant touch.

Attractive and practical

Not only is the Handmade Thick Copper Vintage Tea Pot aesthetically pleasing, but is also quite functional. You may offer beverages at any temperature without fear of their being harmed in any manner.

Exquisite & Sturdy

Although the teapot seems delicate, it is durable and may be used everyday. Avoid touching any solvents or chemicals on the outside. Simply clean the teapot's exterior with a moist cloth to keep it looking fresh.

Stunning Attraction

The teapot, ornamented with everything copper, is the ideal complement to opulent dining rooms. The metallic teapot is designed to match both conventional and opulent dining spaces.

Product Details:

Height: 11.02in


Weight: 3.09lbs

Little Pot:30.43oz .

Big Pot:57.48oz .

Material: Original Thick Copper

Hornbeam Handle

This Product is 100% Handmade
Made In Turkey


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