Luxury Silver Color Coffee Set For 6 Persons

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Luxury Silver Color Coffee Set For 6 Persons

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Product Description

This elegant set is made with materials that have stood the test of time. These fine silver coffee makers have been passed down from generation to generation, so you can be sure that they will continue to provide years of service. They are a beautiful addition to any dining room, providing a luxurious setting for any occasion. The aesthetic finish is perfect for any setting in which you want to add a touch of elegance.

Elegance Re-defined

Timeless elegance paired with intricate design, premium materials, and a beautiful silver finish. Transform your dining experience with this precision-crafted Coffee Set, to bring luxurious eloquence to any occasion.


Timeless Design

Made in the historic Anatolian country, the coffee set is designed to express the unique combination of historic beauty, rich culture, and captivating grace of Turkish craftsmanship. The regal silver overtones paired with Black highlights provide a perspective of bespoke luxurious design making every sip from the cup a highly engaging experience, pleasing to all senses.


Regal Ambience

As durable as the cultures they express, the coffee set is crafted with fine porcelain combined with zinc casting, that comes together to give a sublime image when you place the cups on the table. Your guests and family are bound to get captivated with the artisan designs of the coasters, creating an aura of regal elegance and eloquence to brighten up your evenings.

Product Details
Height: Each Coffee Cup:3.94in ,
Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 2.36in , Each Coaster:4.33in ,
Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain
Color: Silver
Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups, 6 Coasters,
Made In Turkey

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