Luxury Silver Plated Turkish Tea Set With Metal Saucers

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Luxury Silver Plated Turkish Tea Set With Metal Saucers

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A Unique Experience

Why put up with the mundane when you may indulge in the extravagant luxury of a really one-of-a-kind glass masterpiece? Only someone with refined taste will be able to completely appreciate the elegance and sophistication of this exquisite tea set.

Celebrate Tea-time

Tea is more than simply a leisure activity. It may be converted into a sensory-pleasing experience that speaks to the inner beauty of the soul. Each cup and saucer is meticulously handcrafted using ancient processes and polished to a high sheen that gleams in the light.

Practical Design

This tea set will last as long as you want it to because of the sturdiness and luxury nature of the glass and silver patterns. With the wonderful sensation that this tea set gives to people who are clever enough to invest in its grandeur, you will surely use this product a lot!

Product Details:

Height: 3.74in .

Top Diameter: 2.28in . 

Bottom Diameter:  1.77in . 

Material: Glass

Set Includes: 6 Thin Waist Tea  Glass Cups, 6 Metal Saucers

Please wash them by hand

Made In Turkey

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