Name of Allah Muhammad Islamic Gift Sculptures Set For Two

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Name of Allah Muhammad Islamic Gift Sculptures Set For Two

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High Quality Finish

This product looks breathtaking up close, but the unique silver color and elegant finish will ensure that this sculpture is going to be the star of the show, no matter where you place it in your house.

The Perfect Decoration

If you are looking to get someone a nice gift, or if you want to give your own home décor a boost, this high-quality sculpture is the ideal choice for your decorative needs and ambitions!

A Present with an Islamic Theme

This combination is an excellent Islamic present for any occasion. Due to its eye-catching gold colour and double crescent, this gift set is appropriate for a variety of occasions. This set is a fashionable and elegant choice for your loved ones, and it also makes an excellent gift.

Craftsmanship of Superior Quality

This gift set is crafted from premium materials and has a lovely golden tone with a double crescent. It also has a crystal stone that has been coated in polyester powder and crushed marble powder to keep it from fading in the sun. The box also has a mirror.

Product Details:

Size: 11.81x6.69in x 2Pcs

Crystal Stone Coated

Produced Prevent Darkening by Sunlight

Made By Compressed Marble Powder and Polyester

Best Quality

Made In Turkey


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