Payitaht Large Size Gold Color Fragrance Diffuser

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Payitaht Large Size Gold Color Fragrance Diffuser

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Product Description

Enhance the ambience of any space with this modern diffuser. The sophisticated design features an elegant gold color that looks great in any home or office setting. So simple to use, just add a few drops of blossom water or essential oil. Now you can enjoy the same relaxing aroma at home or during work. The diffuser offers a unique opportunity to create a calming atmosphere any time you'd like. This diffuser pack is made from zinc casting, which is durable and long lasting.

Payitaht Large Size Gold Color Fragrance Diffuser

How to use

Open the diffuser, and pour blossom water or fragrance inside, then close it.

It would diffuse the liquid from the top as you shake it.

Product Details

Height: 9.06in

Diameter: 4.72in

Weight: 1.10lbs
Material: Zinc Casting
Color: Gold
Made In Turkey

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