Pearl Coated Unique Gold Color Coffee Cups Set

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Pearl Coated Unique Gold Color Coffee Cups Set

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Opulent Design

This is a lovely gold coffee cup set that feels great in your hand. This bright gold hue will stand out on your counter top. It is a stunning work of art that will endure a lifetime.

Stunning Appearance

This coffee cup set is an eye-catching item that is ideal for décor as well as pouring tea or coffee. It is laced with rows of pearls as well as little crystals in between them.

Beautiful and Useful

The pearl-coated coffee cup set is not only gorgeous to look at, but it is also quite functional. You can serve beverages of varying temperatures with ease and without fear of harming them in any way. The stones and pearls are securely fastened to the frame and will not fall off.

Product Details:

Height: Each Coffee Cup: 3.94in , Bowl: 3.94in

Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 3.15in , Each Coaster: 3.94in , Tray: 13.78in , Bowl: 3.94in
Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain
Color: Golden
Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups, 6 Coasters, 1 Tray, 1 Bowl

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