Porcelain Turkish Coffee Set With Bamboo Saucers

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Porcelain Turkish Coffee Set With Bamboo Saucers

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Product Description

Keep your home looking inviting with this elegant and stylish porcelain Turkish coffee set. The bright and vivid color of the ceramic is enhanced by the elegant pattern and detailed design. The set includes six unique cups and six unique coasters that can be used to compliment a variety of home decor. The porcelains are made from hand-pounded clay and the bamboo is hand-cut for a subtle but attractive contrast. The set is handcrafted in Turkey for quality and value.

Product Description

Height: Each Coffee Cup: 2.36in

Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 1.97in , Each Coaster: 3.94in ,

Material: Porcelain – Bamboo

Cups Hold 2.37oz

Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups, 6 Coasters,


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