Silver Color Oval Mirror Vanity Serving Tray

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Silver Color Oval Mirror Vanity Serving Tray

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Enchanting Beauty
With a glamorous, silver, and leaf-like design on the boundaries and a reflective mirror as surface, this serving tray is an example of versatile Turkish crafts.

Sophisticated Design
The intricacy of the design is fairly obvious from the get-go. The attention to detail makes this serving tray a luxury item. The handles of the tray at made in a way that maximizes grip, the leaves are attentively molded and make the overall look extraordinary.

Galactic Shine
The extravagant look and feel of the silver has great significance and holds the ability of captivation. The shimmers and sparkles are strong with this one!

Beaming Mirror Floor
You can easily mistake the surface of this tray for a mirror. Having a snow-white color, the surface of the tray is as clear as a mirror on the wall. The mirrored floor can easily multiple the extravagant look of the already spectacular serving tray by ten folds!
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Product Details

Small Size: 11.02x7.87in

Large Size: 13.78x11.02in

Material: Mirror- Glass
Color: Silver
Made In Turkey

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