Silver Espresso Mırra Coffee Set Cups Set For Six Person

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Silver Espresso Mırra Coffee Set Cups Set For Six Person

$80.00 $112.00 $32.00

Minimalistic Persona
Featuring a minimalistic and true-to-life design, this luxury coffee cup set is made specifically for those that believe simplicity is the best policy.

Simple yet Intricate
The Porcelain cups are decorated with silver ornaments. These ornaments are delicately manufactured to ensure maximum intricacy and beauty.

Mesmerizing Silver Tray
Included in the set is a shimmering and glamourous serving tray which is big enough to hold all 6 cups at 13.78in diameter. Featuring the same design language, this serving tray is an exemplary addition in luxury! We are also bundling in a bowl to hold necessities for people with a sweet tooth.

Classic Gift
Made from Porcelain, this coffee cup set is an extraordinary gift for the people you love and care for!
Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go! Buy Now!

Product Details

Height: Each Coffee Cup: 3.94in

Bowl: 3.94in

Diameter: Each Coffee Cup: 3.15in , Tray: 13.78in , Bowl: 3.94in

Material: Zinc Casting / Porcelain

Color: Silver

Set Includes: 6 Coffee Cups 1 Tray, 1 Bowl


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