Silver Mirror Napkin Holder

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Silver Mirror Napkin Holder

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Product Description

This silver crystal napkin holder is a beautifully designed accent for the dining table. With its stunning mirror finish, this silver mirror napkin holder will be a high-end accent piece that will make any dinner party more elegant and classy. The silver mirror napkin holder is crafted using an elegant, baroque zinc casting. Accented by a shimmering silver finish and a crystal weight at the top, this silver napkin holder is a simple yet elegant way to add a little sparkle to your table.

Luxurious, refined, and ornate – this seemingly simple product is like the icing on a cake. A polished glass tray encased in striking zinc casting silver embossed frame and a beautiful crystal weight at the top, this silver mirror napkin holder brings elegance, grace, and refinement to your dinner table that shall leave your guests in awe. Perfectly designed to hold an adequate number of napkins, the sublime craftsmanship and glossy design of the frame complete with bold symmetrical motifs across the sides completes instills an ambiance of dignity and culture to your selection, bringing a unique element of grace to your evening.

The product features a stylish design that can be perfectly paired with your dinner set and table décor whole bringing more opulence to your setup. The napkin holder is a delightful addition for any occasion.

Product Details:

Size: 7.09x7.09in  
Material: Metal Zinc Casting, Mirror
Color: Silver

Made In Turkey

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