Turkish Style Copper Pitcher Hand Hammered

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Turkish Style Copper Pitcher Hand Hammered

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Influenced by Turkish Heritage

Copper pitchers with beautiful hand-painted designs are wonderful presents. With this silver pitcher hand hammered in the traditional Turkish style, you may bring a piece of Turkish history into your house. This silver pitcher, designed in the classic manner, is a nice complement to any household.

Smooth and Glossy Finish

This copper pitcher has a glossy silver finish that will look fantastic in your kitchen. This is a lovely and traditional design that would go with any home décor.

Stunning and Simple Design

The pitcher's silver finish makes it suitable for serving juices and other beverages. You can easily keep your liquids fresh by using this fantastic pitcher.

Product Details:

Height: 9.84in

Capacity: 67.62oz .

Material: Original Copper

Tin Plated Inside

Hand Carved

This Product is 100% Handmade

Please Do not Wash In Machine…

Made In Turkey

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