White Color Glory Enamel Turkish Tea Pot Kettle

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White Color Glory Enamel Turkish Tea Pot Kettle

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Turkish Tea Time!

Bring the culture of Turkey into your own home every time you fancy having a cup of tea with this amazing pot kettle! This white color glory enamel design is inspired by the deep heritage and cultural tradition of Turkey.

Practical and Useful

While this pot kettle looks great, the best part about it is that is keeps your tea, coffee, or any other liquid extremely hot for a long period of time.

Made with Care and Expertise

The materials used to make this kettle and the special Turkish design help to retain the heat of the liquid so that you can enjoy a warm beverage any time!

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Product Information

White Color Glory Enamel Turkish Tea Pot Kettle

Small Pot:37.19oz.

Bigger Pot:77.76oz.

Material: Enamel

Heat Proof Metal Handles

Available For All Ovens 

Made In Turkey

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