X-Large Gold Color Chocolate Snack Bowl With Holder

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X-Large Gold Color Chocolate Snack Bowl With Holder

$90.00 $125.00 $35.00

Snacks in Style

If you're looking for an elegant and luxurious décor piece that will also keep your chocolates and other treats fresh, this stunning gold snack bowl is the solution.

Amazing Style

The most noteworthy aspect of this snack dish is the carved design on the lid and body. The whole product is made of gold-colored material, and the intricate details enhance the bowl's natural attractiveness.

A Fresh Motif

When your guests make a visit, this snack dish always seems to capture their attention!

Product Details:

Height: 9.06in

Diameter:  15.35in

Material: Metal Zinc Casting

Color: Gold

Hand Wash Only

Made In Turkey

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